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Fire Up the Furnace & Winterize Your Home

Male homeowner adjusting his home’s thermostat to prepare for winter temperatures in St. Louis, MO.

Residents in the Midwest know about harsh winters from personal experience every year. In the St. Louis area, it’s common to experience blizzard conditions and ice storms that make your home the last line of defense against frigid and miserable conditions outdoors. Make sure you avoid any problems with a professional furnace maintenance company that knows how to prepare your home for the cold winter months ahead. Our experts at Academy Air will provide the tune-up your furnace needs and offer helpful tips for optimal performance. As a responsible homeowner, be sure to also pay attention to these tips for furnace maintenance and winterizing your home for the coming season. The best way to protect your home and your family from Mother Nature is to be as prepared as possible.

Two homeowner inspecting their new furnace in St. Louis, MO.

Fire Up Your Furnace in 4 Steps

While your unit may have been running fine all summer long, it requires additional maintenance to ensure its performance throughout the winter season. Calling a professional for furnace maintenance is one step, but here are four ways you can get ready to fire up your furnace this season!

  1. Check Furnace Filter – This simple and all-important maintenance step prevents your unit from getting clogged with dust that robs it of efficiency.
  2. Remove Objects – Depending on where your furnace is inside the home, you’ll want to remove any objects that could be deemed flammable or combustible – just in case!
  3. Keep Vents Unobstructed – Ensure that warm air can flow freely throughout the home by removing objects that sit on top of or in front of your vents.
  4. Professional Tune-Up – There’s only one way to make sure your unit is operating at maximum efficiency – contact the professionals at Academy Air in St. Louis, MO, for a complete furnace tune-up.

A homeowner with a cup of tea rests her feet against a closed window overlooking winter snow in St. Louis, MO.

Winterize Your Home in 4 Steps

When it comes to winterizing your home, it’s not just up to a working furnace or heating system to keep you warm. Your home may be inefficient in other ways, making these home winterization tips important to helping your furnace do its job properly.

  1. Weather Stripping – This is an easy way to cut down on drafts from the outdoors. Available at any local hardware store, this is just as easy to install as it is to find.
  2. Fan Direction – Be sure your fans are moving clockwise to ensure warm air is being circulated throughout the rooms of your home.
  3. Seal Windows – Many times, warm air will escape through tiny cracks around your windows. Check for drafts and provide the proper sealant before winter arrives.
  4. Inspect Insulation – Check the insulation of your home and bolster it where necessary to ensure the warm air stays inside where it belongs!

Luckily, Academy Air is here to provide all the knowledge needed to keep all heating systems running at optimal levels. With the knowledge of how to fix gas and electric boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps, Academy Air is a company you’ll be glad to know! Call (314) 926-9014 now to schedule an appointment for service in St. Louis, MO.

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