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The Benefits of Maintaining Your Water Heaters in Olivette, MO

Did you know?

  • The water in your home probably has more chlorine in it than a swimming pool
  • Water softeners can cause slimy feeling water, require extensive maintenance, and would still need a filtration system to protect the water softener from chlorine and its byproducts
  • The average household spends over $1,000 per year on bottled water
  • Traditional water softeners do not dissolve/prevent scale, nor do they filter water

Without Halo

With Halo

Why You Gotta Have a Halo 5:

  • Effectively controls hard water problems without the use of chemicals
  • Dissolves existing scale and prevents any new scale formation while inhibiting corrosion without the use of chemicals
  • Removes harmful contaminates but does NOT remove minerals essential for human health
  • Protects your home and your family
  • No maintenance required

Without Halo

With Halo

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