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How Should My Thermostat Be Set for the Fall?

A new thermostat placed in the center of fall decorations to resemble a thermostat maintenance setting for colder weather in St. Louis, MO.

As the fall season approaches, homeowners in the St. Louis, MO area are looking to upgrade their thermostats for easy use throughout the colder months. However, it can be difficult to switch from the AC settings that have been on all summer. At Academy Air, our technicians are here to help homeowners find the perfect thermostat settings when the weather fluctuates. Some days are hot, some are cold, some are both, and some you just don’t know what’s going to happen. So when you’re not sure how to best maintain the temperature in your home, contact our HVAC experts for reliable advice all season long.

Turn Your Thermostat OFF

While it’s not always possible, it’s important for your energy bill and comfort to maximize the time you have when the weather is temperate. Opening windows to take advantage of nice weather will flood your home with fresh air and give your HVAC system a much-needed break after a summer of heavy use. Give your thermostat a much-needed break by turning it off at the first sign of comfortable temperatures. If you notice an efficiency issue when your thermostat is turned on, give us a call to get the issue fixed immediately.

Use the Auto Settings

One of the key pieces of advice we can give our customers is to ensure that your thermostat is always set to Auto in the fall months. This setting makes sure that your fan only runs when it’s supposed to, leaving your home feeling comfortable all season long. Leaving the Auto settings on also means that you’ll save money on your energy bill when natural temperatures take over – giving your fan a much-needed break! Contact Academy Air in St. Louis, MO for thermostat maintenance and repair services when your Auto setting isn’t working.

A customer in St. Louis, MO using a touch screen thermostat to change the settings to Auto for controlled temperature in the fall.

Watch the Weather

Make sure you’re aware of the coming weather patterns to maximize your energy efficiency during the fall season. This will help you understand when your system needs to be on, when it needs to be off, and when it’s time to call for seasonal maintenance from your local technician. When temperatures are cooler, try setting your thermostat to OFF, and when warmer temperatures are frequent, set your thermostat to AUTO. Get in touch with our HVAC specialists at (314) 798-7582 for reliable thermostat maintenance or repair services in St. Louis, MO.

Want to Save Some Money? Adapt to Your Environment!

One great way to take advantage of the fall season is by adapting to your environment. When the weather is temperate, you can completely turn your system off while opting to add and shed clothing and blankets, as needed, to adjust to the temperature. Not only can this help you save a lot of money on your energy bill, but it will allow you to adjust to natural temperatures that can help air out your home from the summer heat.

An HVAC technician in a blue plaid shirt and a blue hat providing thermostat repair services to a residential home in St. Louis, MO.

Trust a Professional

Do you have any questions about your thermostat settings? Don’t hesitate to call a local professional at Academy Air for thermostat maintenance, repair, or installation services and answers to your pressing questions. Seasonal maintenance is essential to aid your HVAC systems in running longer in the fall months. To learn more about our free estimates and pricing, give our shop a call today.

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