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7 Tips for Increasing Your Furnace’s Energy Efficiency

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Wintertime in the Midwest is no walk on the beach. Actually, it can be more like a walk at the North Pole, leaving your home as the only refuge from being battered by blustery winter weather. Residents of St. Louis, MO know this about as well as anyone, and they turn to the local heating contractors to make sure their furnace systems are running at optimal efficiency throughout the season. However, with these prolonged periods of cold weather come the heightened heating bills of a furnace or heating system that must keep up with plummeting temperatures. Take these seven tips to heart and find out how you can save money on heating this winter!


Change the Furnace Filter

Making sure the furnace filter is changed every 1-3 months is a great way to optimize the energy-efficiency of your furnace this winter. Most furnaces recommend changing the air filter once per month to prevent large quantities of dirt and dust from collecting in the air ducts. The more particles the filter collects, the harder it has to work to heat the home. When the furnace filter becomes severely clogged, your efficiency will plummet, and bills will skyrocket. For an air filter replacement, call Academy Air in St. Louis, MO to schedule a maintenance service.


Seal Holes in the Wall

One thing that could be robbing your home of its energy efficiency are holes in the wall around electrical outlets and plumbing fixtures. Warm air produced from your furnace escapes through these little holes, wasting energy and making room temperatures feel inconsistent. These small openings are common around fireplaces, kitchen fixtures, crown molding, baseboards, along with and electrical outlets. Use caulk or other store-bought sealants to plug these holes and keep their air in your home. This will be a major fix to the efficiency of your furnace. If you’ve sealed the holes in your walls and still notice an inefficiency issue, call Academy Air at (314) 377-7077.

A homeowner in St. Louis, MO, replacing their electrical outlets and sealing holes in the walls to prevent warm air from leaking through the opening.

Seal Doors & Windows

Did you ever think that the warm air in your home could be walking right out the front door? Well, not really, but it could be creeping out of the home through tiny cracks and crevices around doors and windows. If you notice a cool draft coming from the seals of your doors or windows, use caulk or replace weatherstripping to ensure warm air isn’t leaking out. Most times, when a furnace is heating your home inefficiently, there are underlying causes throughout your home that can provide easy and affordable solutions. For expert options on your furnace efficiency, schedule a maintenance check with our technicians at Academy Air.


Use Natural Heating

Another way to cut down on your energy bills this winter is to use the sun to your advantage. Open the curtains of sun-facing windows to let the sun heat your home during the daytime. This gives your furnace or heating system a much-needed break after working hard all night to keep the home warm. If your home or apartment doesn’t have many windows, opening the blinds and only using the thermostat for small periods of time are other energy-efficient solutions to your heating system.

Utilize Insulation

Make sure the insulation in your attic and basement is sufficient for the long winter ahead. Some homes aren’t built with proper insulation, leaving your home to experience extremely low temperatures in the winter that keep your furnace running for days on end. Fortunately, you can find the necessary items to insulate your property at the nearest hardware store, or you can hire Academy Air to get the job done for you to increase your furnace’s efficiency.

An HVAC technician installing insulation in a residential home in St. Louis, MO to increase the efficiency of a home’s furnace.

Adjust the Thermostat

If you can deal with slightly colder temperatures during the winter, you can save money on your heating bills. Keeping the thermostat just a few degrees cooler during the winter can help you save a hefty percentage off your energy bills. Compensate for the cooler temps with blankets, sweaters, and fuzzy socks. If you notice that the temperature on your thermostat does not match the comfortability of your home, consider calling Academy Air for an inspection and repair service in St. Louis, MO.

Furnace Tune-Up

Don’t underestimate the value of a tune-up for your furnace from a local, trusted heating professional from Academy Air. Our heating experts will give your system a complete inspection, examining all of its components and providing upgrades to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your unit. When winter starts, you’ll have a clean and efficient heating system that doesn’t waste energy when it doesn’t need to.

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