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Why You Should Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner should last for well over a decade with proper maintenance. HVAC units are designed to withstand years of use; however, regular tune-ups from a professional heating and cooling technician have been proven to increase energy efficiency and minimize repairs. Academy Air in St. Louis offers AC tune-up and maintenance for homes and

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A plumber wearing a plaid shirt and looking into a sink to find a plumbing problem that needs to be fixed in St. Louis, MO.
Plumbing Problems You Should Watch Out For

  Whether it’s a clogged pipe or lack of hot water, experiencing a plumbing issue at your home is never easy to deal with. And, while they may not be common, they are inevitable. The plumbing systems and plumbing fixtures at your home are complicated and require repairs from a professional plumber to ensure the

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A frustrated homeowner bundled up in her winter coat while inside her Hazelwood, MO, home because her furnace is not working properly.
Why Does My Furnace Turn On & Off

  Does your finicky furnace turn on and off, over and over again? This problem is called furnace short cycling, and it can be exhaustively annoying, but more importantly, it could signify a bigger problem with your system. In Hazelwood, MO, frigid winters can exacerbate the problem to the point that your furnace is turning

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Inside a home in St. Louis, MO, during the winter. The window is covered with frost and shows snow falling outside, while a warm sweater and cup of tea sit inside.
Save on Energy Costs at Home During the Winter

The arrival of the colder months usually brings high energy bills for homeowners. Living in the Midwest often means unpredictable and possibly harsh winters, so heating your home can be just as expensive as cooling it in the summer. If fact, it can often be more expensive. One reason for this is that many people

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A woman in cozy winter clothes that is smiling and holding a cup of coffee in her St. Louis, MO home that is heated with a high-quality furnace.
7 Tips for Increasing Your Furnace’s Energy Efficiency

  Wintertime in the Midwest is no walk on the beach. Actually, it can be more like a walk at the North Pole, leaving your home as the only refuge from being battered by blustery winter weather. Residents of St. Louis, MO know this about as well as anyone, and they turn to the local

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Male homeowner adjusting his home’s thermostat to prepare for winter temperatures in St. Louis, MO.
Fire Up the Furnace & Winterize Your Home

Residents in the Midwest know about harsh winters from personal experience every year. In the St. Louis area, it’s common to experience blizzard conditions and ice storms that make your home the last line of defense against frigid and miserable conditions outdoors. Make sure you avoid any problems with a professional furnace maintenance company that

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A new thermostat placed in the center of fall decorations to resemble a thermostat maintenance setting for colder weather in St. Louis, MO.
How Should My Thermostat Be Set for the Fall?

As the fall season approaches, homeowners in the St. Louis, MO area are looking to upgrade their thermostats for easy use throughout the colder months. However, it can be difficult to switch from the AC settings that have been on all summer. At Academy Air, our technicians are here to help homeowners find the perfect

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A plumber in Affton, MO wearing blue overalls and fixing a plumbing emergency in a residential kitchen with professional tools.
Why Is It So Important for a Heating Company to be Licensed?

Unfortunately, heating and cooling problems are a part of life. That’s why it’s important to hire a local licensed and bonded HVAC tech for all your heating and cooling needs. It’s easy to get caught up in shopping for the best quote from all the contractors in your area. However, don’t devalue the importance of

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How to Choose the Right Plumber for My Home

Plumbing is something most homeowners and businesses wish to never become aware of. From water damage to huge repair bills, there are lots of things you would do than solve a plumbing problem. However, when life gives you plumbing problems, you have to call a trained professional to solve them as quickly as possible. But

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Dirty bathtub water that has been clogged and backed up from the toilet in a residential home in St. Louis, MO. This home requires professional drain cleaning services.
My Toilet is Backing Up in My Shower

A flushing toilet is something that most of us take for granted; that is until it isn’t working properly. A toilet that backs up into the shower isn’t just inconvenient, but it’s highly unsanitary and almost always requires a visit from an experienced plumber. Here’s what to do (and just as importantly, what not to

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