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Danny James
Danny James 5.0

Elijah was very professional and amazing. I had an issue that another company couldn’t fix. Elijah was very knowledgeable and fixed my plumbing issue. Thank you again.

Gerald Harris
Gerald Harris 5.0

John was Very Professional and Very Knowledgeable!!

Erik Sall
Erik Sall 5.0

Excellent and friendly service

Brian Wagener
Brian Wagener 2.0

Could have been better. Price was much higher than expected, but that wouldn't have been an issue had I had a quote first. Capacitor was replaced without consent and then told I needed a recharge. The capictor was an easy diagnosis as you could hear ...it failing. Over 400 dollars to replace the 15 dollar part in 10 minutes (2400 dollar and hour effective rate, I understand the need for markup and to make money, but this is a bit excessive in my opinion). Another over 400 dollar charge for the refrigerant. I was never shown any evidence that the refrigerant was low. The info sent in my invoice for refrigerant is unknown if it is before or after as there is nothing to compare. Only air temp before and after comparisons which could obviously be fixed by the capacitor replacement. So in total just over 1000 dollars for a 15 dollar capictor and a recharge that I don't even see a comparison of before and after. Unfortunately this is the company that now servers Awtrey heating and cooling. Not the same level as Awtrey. Fortunately there are plenty of alternatives at about half the price, with better explanation of services needed before repairs are made.Read More...

Robert Bernstein
Robert Bernstein 5.0

Shawn was prompt, knowledgeable and professional. I would wholeheartedly recommend him and Academy Heating & Cooling.

Michael 5.0

Tech, Brian Schone toke the time to explain everything. Did an awesome job 👍

Denis Kasapovic
Denis Kasapovic 5.0

Dremaine was great and extremely helpful! Provided me with info on my furnace and A/C that I was unaware of. He also spent the time to go over what my plan covers.

Perry Long Jr
Perry Long Jr 5.0

Extremely satisfied with them and will use them again in the future. Elijah Clark was very knowledgeable and professional. He did a great job.

August Camarato
August Camarato 5.0
Dan Kelley
Dan Kelley 5.0

Pete did a thorough job servicing my furnace/HVAC. He took the time to explain everything he did, and answered all my questions. He's a true professional!

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