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What’s Happening to My Hot Water?

Turning on a Shower

Have you noticed that your hot water supply seems a bit off when the temperatures outside dip? Maybe the water isn’t getting as hot as it normally does, or perhaps it takes several more minutes for the water in your shower or kitchen sink to heat up. You’re probably also noticing that the hot water is running out faster than normal.

So, What Gives?

The good news is that your mind isn’t playing tricks on you. The cold weather does often affect your water heaters performance. During winter the air outside gets colder, obviously. The colder temperatures also lower the temps underground. When the ground cools the water within and traveling through it also cools. This colder water then enters your home and causes your water heater to work much harder.

Then as you’re using your stored hot water supply, more cold water enters the unit, which cools down the water in the tank. Older water heaters have an even harder time keeping up with the added demands of winter temperatures. You’ll notice issues with your hot water supply more, if your water heater is eight years or older.

Are There Other Reasons for Chilly Water?

Cold weather isn’t the only reason why your weather heater isn’t able to keep up with demands. Here are a few things that may hinder your hot water supply:

  • A lack of insulation: try placing insulation around any pipes which supply water to your water heater. You also may consider investing in an insulated jacket to wrap around your water heater for added insulation.
  • Sediment buildup can wreak havoc on your water heater – having your water heater flushed annually will help prevent this damaging sediment buildup.
  • Old age can reduce the performance and efficiency of your water heater.

Concerned about your water heater or experiencing issues with your hot water supply? Our plumbers are here to assist you! To have all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs taken care of, simply call us at (314) 720-3580!

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