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7 Holiday Home Money Saving Tips

Christmas Lights

Gifts, food, decorations, oh my! Let’s face it, the holiday season is not often friendly on the wallet. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to take some of the pain out of the holiday season and save a little cash around your home.

  1. Timing is Everything    

It wouldn’t be holiday season without dozens of twinkling Christmas lights. Those shiny lights can mean a decent increase in your energy bill this December. To help cut the costs on your decorations, consider adding an automatic timer. It can be all too easy to leave the lights on longer than intended or worse, forget about those outside lights and leave them all night! Setting a timer will turn the lights off for you, so you’d have one less thing to think about this busy Holiday season and help you save a little money on your power bill!

  1. Don’t Cook Your Guests

Hosting this holiday season? Turn down your thermostat a few degrees before your guests arrive. A house full of extra people means more bodies putting off heat. So, you don’t need to run your furnace as much to keep people comfortable. By turning down your thermostat will help keep you and your guest more comfortable and less sweaty while you rock those thick ugly Christmas sweaters! Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the money-saving benefits by cutting back on your energy use.

  1. If You’re Not Using, Unplug It

Did you know that electronics use energy, even when they are not on? If you’re going on vacation or if there are electronics that are rarely used, you can cut down on your energy costs a little by unplugging them. TVs, Radios, Computers and other small appliances are typically the easiest electronics to unplug.

  1. Think Energy Smart When Gift Purchasing

Planning on giving appliances this holiday season? Then look for that Energy Star label for appliances that will help you save money on your power bill all year long!

  1. Let Your Tree Be the Star

You can save money on your energy usage this month by using your tree as your main source of light. Your tree will likely be on anyway, right? Often, those bright lights on your tree will provide enough light in your living room for most activities. Reading might require some extra lights, but for watching TV or enjoying your family’s company, your tree should provide plenty of light. Plus, there is something truly beautiful about a lit tree in a dark room during the holiday season.

  1. Leave it to Fire

Do you have a working fireplace in your home? Properly and safely using a fireplace is a great way to save money on your heating bill. Besides, a roaring fireplace helps create a perfect holiday setting in any home!

  1. Dishes, Dishes Everywhere!

Holiday cooking means a never-ending parade of dirty dishes. You can help save money on your utility bills by only running your dishwasher when it’s full. This rule also applies to laundry. Half loads typically use nearly as much energy as full loads, so it is best to fill those dishwashers and washing machines to save some money when performing these super fun holiday chores!

Enjoy your holiday and the time with family! Remember, that the Academy Air family is here for you for all of your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical needs this holiday season!

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