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Water Heater Repair Florissant MO | Tankless Water Heaters

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Emergency Water Heater Repair in Florissant, MO

For several years, Academy Air has been the leading choice for homeowners in Florissant, MO when it comes to plumbing and water heater services. From annual maintenance and repairs to installing a brand-new system, our plumbers have decades of combined experience and training to offer permanent solutions to your hot water needs. To ensure the safety and efficiency of your home’s water supply, you’ll receive high-quality products, free estimates, financing options, and experienced technicians that will handle your project professionally from start to finish. When you need immediate water heater repair or maintenance, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Water Heater Maintenance

Keep your water heater running efficiently with yearly maintenance from Academy Air in Florissant, MO. It’s recommended to have your water heater flushed and inspected at least once a year to ensure there isn’t any rusting, leaks, or other serious issues that need repairs. Losing access to hot water is a major inconvenience and in certain cases, can cause permanent damage to your home if issues are left untreated. Our plumbers provide annual maintenance, from flushing your tank to providing tune-up services that increase your home’s hot water supply. By keeping up with scheduled maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your system and prevent repairs by catching issues early on. Contact us today to schedule a water heater maintenance service for your property!

Water Heater Repair

Your electric, gas, or tankless water heater is by far one of the most important appliances in your home. Without it, you would no longer have access to hot water for cooking, cleaning, or bathing and will need immediate repairs from a licensed professional to ensure the safety of your home. At Academy Air, we offer 24/7 emergency water heater repairs for homes in Florissant, MO. With decades of experience restoring water heaters, you can be sure that our plumbers will take their time inspecting every area of your system to determine the proper solution for returning hot water to your home. Whether your system is suffering a small leak or the burner needs replacing, you can count on us to perform immediate repairs the very same day. Schedule an emergency water heater repair service with our team today.

A residential water heater in Florissant, MO leaking and needs expert water heater repair services from an HVAC technician.

Water Heater Installation 

When your water heater is beyond repair, Academy Air is available 24/7 for immediate water heater replacement and installation for your home in Florissant, MO. We have access to high-quality products with lifetime warranties and are guaranteed to last well over a decade with proper maintenance. Whether your current water heater has a massive leak or can no longer hold a temperature, you can rely on our plumbers to remove and dispose of your old unit and install a brand-new system in a single visit. We understand the importance of having instant access to hot water in your home; that’s why we work with our clients efficiently to have a new water heater installed in their residences as quickly as possible. Let us help you find a new electric, gas, or tankless system within your budget today.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters are the most efficient and long-lasting hot water systems on the market. These units not only offer an endless supply of on-demand hot water, but they save valuable space in your home by eliminating the need for several square feet of installation. Our compact tankless water heaters at Academy Air are a great way to upgrade your home’s water supply in Florissant, MO. Instead of storing several gallons of hot water at a time like traditional units, your tankless water heater will instantly heat water the second your faucet is turned on, avoiding wasted energy and added utility costs. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s water heater, contact our plumbers at (314) 798-7413 to schedule a consultation and browse our name-brand units.

A professional water heater repair expert taking the cover off a tankless water heater that requires an inspection in Florissant, MO.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Water Heaters

Many conventional water heaters are built to last anywhere from 10-15 years, with tankless options exceeding 20 years or more before needing to be replaced. One of the only ways to guarantee the longevity of your hot water heater is by investing in regular maintenance from a licensed plumber. At Academy Air, we specialize in a range of water heater maintenance services, from flushing your system and inspecting the thermostat to testing the pressure relief valve. Investing in yearly maintenance from our technicians in Florissant, MO will guarantee the following benefits:

  • Detect Repairs Early On
  • Ensures the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Improves the Efficiency of the System
  • Reduces Water Repair Expenses
  • Increases System Longevity
  • Keeps Your Home Safe
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