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Air Conditioning Services Brentwood MO | AC Maintenance

Licensed Air Conditioning Services in Brentwood, Missouri The warmer months are coming, which means it’s time to switch off the heater and prepare for air conditioning season. Academy Air’s qualified and experienced HVAC professionals are prepared to deliver dependable AC maintenance, repair, and installation services to your Brentwood, Missouri home or office. Our air conditioning

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Top Air Conditioning Problems You Can Avoid | Hazelwood MO

An air conditioning system is one of your home’s biggest unsung heroes; that is, until Hazelwood, MO’s late summer heatwaves are in full force, and you can’t bear to be outdoors. Unfortunately, it seems like those scorching summer afternoons are when you experience the greatest number of problems with your unit. Keep reading to learn

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An air conditioning expert using a device to test the efficiency of a residential AC unit in St. Louis, MO. An HVAC technician determining what is making a clanking sound using commercial equipment
Why Is My AC Unit Making Noises?

It’s common for homeowners notice that their air conditioning unit is running –in fact, you should be able to hear it running both inside and outside if you pay attention enough.However, strange sounds from the AC unit that do not go away could indicate the need for air conditioning repairs. Below are fiveAC noises that

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