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Furnace Repair Overland MO | Furnace Installation

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Stay Warm This Fall with Furnace Repair in Overland, MO

It’s that time of the year again! Leaves are changing, temperatures are dropping, and homeowners are exchanging AC for the warmth of their furnaces. If you haven’t touched your furnace in months, you may find that repairs or maintenance is necessary to get you through the fall and winter. Academy Air is one of the leading HVAC companies in the Overland, MO area that has a reputation for high-quality and long-lasting results. Our trained technicians perform everything from standard maintenance to furnace repair, installation, and inspection services at your earliest convenience. Contact our shop when you need to schedule a heating service from licensed professionals.

Furnace Maintenance Overland, MO

Did you know that your furnace’s air filter needs to be replaced every 1-3 months to stay properly maintained? When your heating system is left unused in the summer months, dirt, dust, and bacteria particles can build in and around your unit. This can leave your air filter clogged, making it more difficult to evenly heat your home. At Academy Air in Overland, MO, we recommend scheduling a furnace maintenance service at least once a year to ensure the efficiency of your heating system. During a routine maintenance inspection, our HVAC technician will inspect your thermostat, clean the internal parts of your furnace, and test the system’s safety controls to ensure everything is working properly.

Furnace Repair Overland, MO

When your furnace goes out, you need a reliable, fast-responding team of experts to restore heat to your home. At Academy Air, we guarantee your 100% satisfaction when you schedule a furnace repair from our shop in Overland, MO. With decades of industry experience, our HVAC technicians know just how to identify the cause of a faulty furnace. From broken blower components to a malfunctioning heat exchanger, our commercial vehicles are stocked with high-quality parts and equipment to get your furnace running again.

A furnace repair technician wearing red gloves and inspecting a residential heating system that needs furnace repair services in Overland, MO.

Furnace Installation Overland, MO

When repairs can no longer keep your furnace running, it’s time to start looking for a new model to heat your home. We get it; the last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that they need to spend thousands of dollars on a new furnace. While it may seem like the worst-case scenario, installing a new furnace opens the door to many positive outcomes that have a lasting impact on the comfort of your home. Academy Air works with name-brand HVAC manufacturers to offer a wide selection of heating systems that lower the monthly cost of your energy bill, improve your home’s airflow, and will keep you comfortable for well over a decade. To see if your furnace needs replacing, schedule a visit from our technicians in Overland, MO.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Furnace in Overland, MO

Many homeowners overestimate the longevity and resilience of their furnaces. While gas and electric heating systems are built to last over a decade, this doesn’t mean that regular maintenance is optional. Just like any other major appliance, investing in maintenance can be the difference between years of use that is often times cut short when left to collect dust. The same goes for your furnace system. Academy Air has put together a list of benefits for homeowners in Overland, MO that you’re guaranteed to experience when scheduling a yearly furnace maintenance service.

  • Increases System Longevity
  • Keeps Your Home & Family Safe
  • Provides Proper Airflow in Your Home
  • Increases Furnace Energy-Efficiency
  • Ensures Fewer Repairs to Your System
  • Lowers Your Monthly Energy Bill
A heating system technician replacing a dirty air filter in a residential gas furnace in Overland, MO for a furnace maintenance service.

Furnace Inspection Services Overland, MO

Whether you wake up in the middle of the night to a shut-off furnace or notice your system constantly running to keep up with the demands of your home, it may be time for an inspection. At Academy Air, we have decades of combined experience in the heating industry to provide accurate inspections for homes and commercial businesses in Overland, MO. You know your HVAC systems. If something feels off, it’s most likely due to a malfunction, broken part, or clogged air filter that needs to be examined by a professional furnace technician. When you need a team you can trust to get to the bottom of your furnace issue, give us a call at (314) 798-7582 to schedule a 24/7 emergency service.

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