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Furnace Repair Kirkwood MO | Furnace Installation

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Fight the Cold Temperatures with a Working Furnace in Kirkwood, MO

Fall weather has arrived, which means winter is approaching fast. Are you ready for the colder weather that is right around the corner? If you live in Kirkwood, MO, you know how cold winters can be in the Midwest, so it makes sense to prioritize appropriate maintenance for your furnace, as you will need it soon. At Academy Air, we provide superior furnace services ranging from maintenance and repairs to inspections and new installations. You haven’t used your furnace in months, so when the time comes to switch from your air conditioner to your furnace, you’ll want to make sure everything is in good working order. If you observe any problems, please bring them to our attention so we can examine the situation and provide whatever assistance you require. We care about you’re the safety of your home and we are invested in making it comfortable throughout the year.

Furnace Maintenance Kirkwood, MO

Academy Air specialists recommend changing your furnace’s air filter every 1-3 months for appropriate furnace maintenance. This is vital to keep it in good operating order because dirt, dust, and other debris have likely collected in your heating system during the summer months. Anything that clogs your air filter will make it more difficult for your unit to heat your home evenly. You will certainly not receive the desired effects from your furnace if it is not properly maintained. Our Kirkwood, MO staff suggests scheduling a yearly furnace repair inspection to guarantee your heating system remains operational. Our HVAC professionals will inspect your safety controls, as well as the thermostat, and clean the furnace components to ensure your unit continues to function at its best.

Furnace Repair Kirkwood, MO

When the cold weather arrives, you rely on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable. In fact, if your home’s furnace isn’t working properly, temperatures in Kirkwood, MO, might drop dangerously low, possibly jeopardizing your safety. When your furnace malfunctions, it is likely that professional repairs are required. Fortunately, Academy Air can assist you with our experienced services. Whether we need to replace your heat exchanger or repair damaged blower components, we’re completely prepared and qualified to perform whatever repairs your unit requires. We’ll walk you through our step-by-step process of assessing and restoring the efficiency of your unit. We’ll not only fix your furnace with the practiced hands of professional experience, but we’ll also give you peace of mind that your unit will keep you safe and warm for many years.

A furnace repair technician wearing red gloves and inspecting a residential heating system that needs furnace repair services in Kirkwood, MO.

Furnace Installation Kirkwood, MO

When your heating equipment stops working, simple fixes may not be enough to solve the problem. In this instance, our specialists may advise you to replace your furnace. It is an incredibly necessary unit to have, especially during the winter months, so the investment is well worth it. In fact, upgrading your system will only benefit you and improve your home’s comfort level. Don’t worry about the replacement process since Academy Air’s professionals will give you outstanding service on your new furnace installation at a reasonable price. We always try to provide the best results possible by working with name-brand HVAC manufacturers to improve your home’s ventilation while lowering your energy bills. Call today to schedule a visit to install your new furnace in Kirkwood, MO.

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Furnace in Kirkwood, MO

Gas and electric heating systems are durable, dependable, and built to survive for years, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be properly maintained to do so. Regular maintenance is required to get the most out of your HVAC unit and can be the difference between a long life of satisfactory service and a life cut short due to frequent repairs and service visits. At Academy Air in Kirkwood, MO, we cannot emphasize enough how crucial furnace maintenance is. Consider all the advantages of taking appropriate care of your unit.

  • Increases System Longevity
  • Keeps Your Home & Family Safe
  • Provides Proper Airflow in Your Home
  • Increases Furnace Energy-Efficiency
  • Ensures Fewer Repairs to Your System
  • Lowers Your Monthly Energy Bill
A heating system technician replacing a dirty air filter in a residential gas furnace in Kirkwood, MO, for a furnace maintenance service.

Furnace Inspection Services Kirkwood, MO

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your furnace, please do not hesitate to contact us. A competent expert, such as the ones we employ at Academy Air, can perform a thorough furnace inspection and swiftly detect the problem, whether it involves loud noises, problems with the pilot light, or other concerns. Then we will present you with your options and advise you on the best solution for you and your home. Don’t put off calling us until the problem worsens. You don’t want your furnace to break down in the middle of winter. With our years of heating industry experience, we guarantee quick service, effective solutions, and satisfying results on every task. Call our Kirkwood, MO, office at (314) 798-7582, so we can assist you today!

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