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Keeping Cool During a Heat Advisory

Heat Advisory

St. Louis summer’s come with extreme heat and humidity. Unfortunately, the heat in the area becomes more than uncomfortable and can climb to unsafe levels and we find ourselves dealing with a heat advisory or excessive heat warning. These high temperatures are dangerous for both people and animals and can even be life-threatening for people who are more vulnerable. Staying safe and cool is a top priority for you and your family during a heat advisory. With this goal in mind, here are some tips to help keep you safe and comfortable when mother nature heats things up this summer.

  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You hear this one a lot during the summer months, but it’s still vital advice. You do not want to dehydrate, making water your best friend during a long St. Louis summer. It is important not to wait until you feel thirsty to drink, you be drinking water throughout the day. Drink sports drinks to replace your electrolytes if you’re doing a lot of physical activity or sweating excessively. Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages as much as possible.

  1. Dress for Comfort

Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing, that is loose fitting and comfortable.

  1. Stay Indoors

Stay inside an air condition building as much as possible when the temperature climbs. Air conditioning is your best defense against the heat. If your home isn’t air-conditioned, there are public facilities and public cooling sites available.

  1. Venture Outside with Caution

If you do have to spend time outside during a heat advisory keep it as brief as you can. Also, remember to wear sunscreen, spend time in the shade, take frequent breaks, avoid as much strenuous activity as possible and DRINK PLENTY OF FLUIDS! It is also best to keep your outdoor activities in the cooler parts of the day.

  1. Keep an Eye on Those More at Risk

Certain groups of people are more at risk to the effects of the extreme heat and it is important to keep an eye on them. People who are already sick, the elderly and small children, tend to fall victim to the heat more easily.

  1. Watch What You Eat

Hot foods and heavy meals should be avoided as much as possible during a heat advisory. Whereas, fresh fruits and vegetables are great choices and will help keep you hydrated.


Have a Safe and Comfortable Summer, Everyone!

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