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How to Choose the Right Plumber for My Home

A plumber in a blue shirt pointing to a plumbing pipe under a kitchen sink. A plumber is showing a homeowner what is wrong with their drain system in St. Louis, MO.

Plumbing is something most homeowners and businesses wish to never become aware of. From water damage to huge repair bills, there are lots of things you would do than solve a plumbing problem. However, when life gives you plumbing problems, you have to call a trained professional to solve them as quickly as possible. But how do you choose the right person? There are so many factors to consider that even choosing a plumber can be difficult. Here are a few tips that should help you focus and find the right person for the job!

Ask Around

Talk to friends and family about their experiences with local plumbing companies. You’ll likely get honest feedback from a friend or a family member, and you may even get stuff not covered in online reviews such as the price or the right person to ask for when you call. Word-of-mouth is the oldest marketing technique in the books and is still a great way to find reliable services. Ask your closest acquaintances about their experience with Academy Air!

Find Online Reviews

If you’re not sure about any of the recommendations you’ve gotten, it’s always a good idea to corroborate verbal references with online research. Using search engines like Google, Bing, Yelp and social media platforms like Facebook is a great way to find accurate customer reviews that will help you narrow down your search. Make sure you find all the reviews you can and judge them for perceived accuracy and honesty. Looking for a highly rated plumbing company in St. Louis, MO? Academy Air is the first choice for many local homeowners!

A person holding a smartphone while sitting at a table to give a five-star review for a plumbing company in St. Louis, MO.

Ask Companies for References

If you’ve got a big job that needs to be done, it’s not uncommon or overstepping to ask plumbing companies for references, especially if you are a commercial business. Most reputable companies will be more than happy to share the information of people that will vouch for their work. If they don’t, it may not be a good sign and will tell you all you need to know about that company before doing all the research. Academy Air in St. Louis, MO is happy to give you references from previous clients to make sure we’re the right choice for your plumbing job!

Licensing, Bonding, & Insurance

Licensing, bonding, and insurance are something that every reputable contractor should have. Licensed plumbers ensure a high-quality of work that adheres to all state and federal codes to make sure your home and property are taken care of. Bonding & Insurance covers you, your home, and yourself in the event of an issue happening while on the job. Making sure that your plumber has these three certifications will not only provide you peace of mind but will likely make the results of your plumbing service much more reliable. Contact Academy Air today at (314) 789-3876 to schedule an inspection or repair with one of our experienced plumbers in St. Louis, MO.

A customer and a plumber with a red and black tool belt shaking hands to confirm a drain cleaning or other plumbing service in St. Louis, MO.


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We know that price is a huge deal for most homeowners (as it should be), however, you don’t want to only hire the cheapest contractors in the area. This doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive plumbers are the best, but it’s important to do your research on common pricing quotes from other companies to make sure you’re getting a reasonable price from a qualified company. Academy Air in St. Louis, MO always offers affordable and accurate estimates on any plumbing job.


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