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Don’t Forget to Give Your Furnace a Gift This Holiday Season

Gifts Under a Tree

The holidays are almost here and you’ve undoubtably been busy making sure every single person on your list is getting the perfect gift. But you’d better double check that list, we think you forgot something… your furnace spends the cold wintery months providing you and your family with warmth and comfort, so don’t forget to give your furnace a little something this Christmas as a thank you.

Not sure what to give your furnace this year? No worries check out Academy Home Services furnace gift guide 2019!

-A Shiny New…Air Filter

If you want to know what your furnace really, really wants this year, it’s a brand new, clean air filter! Dust, pet hair and other particles are constantly flowing through your duct work and find themselves being trapped by your air filter. After a little time passes, your filter becomes more dust than filters and that’s when your furnace can experience some issues. At best, a clogged air filter forces your furnace to work much harder, which seriously damages the efficiency of your unit. And an inefficient furnace comes with a hefty energy bill! So, if you haven’t changed out your filter lately, now is a great time to do so!

-How About a Nice Heating Tune-Up

What’s the number one gift every furnace is wanting this year? A heating tune-up and safety inspection of course. Annual maintenance is the best thing you can do to help ensure your furnace is running at peak levels and doesn’t surprise you with the “gift” of a costly breakdown in the middle of winter.

Extra Privilege Service Partnership (EPSP), the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Speaking of maintenance and filters and a host of other benefits not just for your furnace but for your cooling, plumbing and electrical systems as well, Academy Home Service’s EPSP is a terrific gift to consider this holiday season. With built in annual maintenance visits for both your furnace and your AC, priority scheduling, discounts off service and repairs, benefits for your home’s plumbing and electrical system and much more, what better gift is there for your furnace? Sign up is easy, affordable and best of all, you don’t have to wait in a long checkout line for this truly unique gift! Click Here to Learn More!

Gifts Under a Tree

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from All of Us at Academy Home Services!

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