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Certified Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Specialists in Arnold, Missouri

Two air conditioning units in Chesterfield, MO that require AC repair, AC maintenance, or AC installation services from an HVAC expert

If your air conditioning unit was needing a repair or replacement service, the last thing you want to do is call an HVAC company that doesn’t have the experience or equipment necessary to get the job done. At Academy Air, our technicians have years of experience in the cooling industry and provide expert AC repair, maintenance, and installation services to residential and commercial properties in Arnold, MO. If your air conditioner has been lacking cool air or is leaking from the base of the unit, give our team a call and we’ll give you a free estimate on our initial inspection and possible repair service.

Expert AC Maintenance Services Arnold, MO

Keeping your air conditioning system in quality condition starts with reliable maintenance and inspection services. Our local experts at Academy Air recommend scheduling two annual maintenance services from our local technicians in Arnold, MO to ensure the efficiency and functioning of your system. One visit in the summer and another right before shutting it off in the fall is the perfect schedule for keeping your AC unit in quality condition for years to come. A majority of air conditioners can last anywhere from 10-15 years, so make sure yours is capable of keeping your home cool when you need it most with our AC maintenance services.

Reliable AC Repair Services Arnold, MO

Air conditioners, while made to last for well over a decade, often experience a few issues here and there that require professional repair. At Academy Air in Arnold, MO, we provide expert AC repair services for homes and businesses that are experiencing cooling issues. If your central AC or mini-split unit is not cooling your space as it used to or is producing an awful grinding noise, contact our technicians for quality air conditioning repair services. One of our technicians will inspect your AC to determine what is causing your efficiency issue and come up with the most convenient solution for restoring your cooling system.

An air conditioning technician repairing a commercial or residential AC unit in Chesterfield, MO that requires AC repair and maintenance services.

Quality AC Installation Services Arnold, MO

When your air conditioning system is beyond repair, our HVAC specialists at Academy Air are here to offer reliable AC installation services for your home or commercial business in Arnold, MO. Replacing your air conditioner may come as a surprise, however, living in a space without central air in the middle of summer is not an option. When your AC needs to be replaced with a new and improved cooling unit, give our experts a call to schedule an AC installation service. We’ll walk you through our current gas or electric air conditioning systems to find one that works with the cooling capabilities of your property.

Professional AC Inspection Services Arnold, MO

Most home and business owners want until their air conditioner is not working properly to invest in an AC inspection service. Unfortunately, this usually means that it is often too late to prevent costly repairs – however, one way to ensure the longevity of your air conditioning unit is to schedule an AC inspection twice a year to prevent future repairs and expenses. Academy Air is known for providing reliable air conditioning inspections to residential and commercial properties in Arnold, MO, and the surrounding areas. From air filter replacement to checking the compressor and evaporator for leaks, you can count on our team to save you money yearly with our AC inspections.

A professional HVAC specialist repairing a commercial air conditioning unit for regular maintenance and installation services in Chesterfield, MO

Benefits of AC Maintenance, Repair, & Installation Services in Arnold, MO

There are several benefits that come with investing in dependable air conditioning maintenance, repair, or installation services. From clean air filters and small repairs to energy-efficiency tests all help contribute to a clean and refreshing home air system to keep you comfortable in the Midwestern heat. At Academy Air in Arnold, MO, our team of HVAC specialists handles a variety of cooling issues from fans blowing warm air to coolant leaks and improper thermostat readings. Give us a call today at (314) 270-1293 to schedule an AC service and explore the following benefits that come with our visit:

  • Improves the Life Expectancy of Your AC Unit
  • Improves the Air Quality in Your Home
  • Saves You Money on Future Repairs
  • Reduces Indoor Humidity Levels
  • Reduces Pollutants & Allergens
  • Clears Out Any Lurking Pests
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