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14 Tips for a Cool, Comfortable and Safe Home for this July

fireworks and american flag 4th of july

July has arrived and the heat was here to welcome it. Summer is just getting started which means there are a ton of hot days ahead of us.

Check Out These 14 Tips for a Cool, Comfortable and Safe Home this July!

  1. Avoid Cooking During the Warmest Parts of the Day: Using your oven or stovetop will heat up your kitchen. It’s better to use your microwave or only cook during the cooler parts of the day.
  2. Switch to Lighter Sheets: flannel sheets, heavy comforters and even fleece blankets are comfy but not the most practical for hot July nights.  Instead, opt for lighter, breathable fabrics for peacefully cool nights of sleep.
  3. Power Wash Your Home: the summer heat and humidity can allow for more mildew growth on the outside of your home. A quick power wash with the aid of a mildew remover is a good way to keep your home fresh and clean.
  4. Exhaust Fans Are Your Friends: your kitchen and bathroom’s exhaust fans pull the hot air and moisture from bathing or cooking out of your home. Don’t have a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan? Our Electricians can help! Just call (314) 720-3580 today!
  5. Keep Your Blinds Closed: Keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the day will help keep the summer sun out, saving you money on your energy bill.
  6. money on your monthly power bills.
  7. Utilize Your Ceiling Fans: ceiling fans can make a room feel as much as 5-7 degrees cooler and helps disperse the cool air from your AC more evenly.
  8. Invest in Insulation: insulating your home will help keep it cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter and cut costs on your monthly bills.
  9. Change Your Filters: a clean furnace filter is vital for the performance of your home’s air conditioning system. This is one home maintenance task, you don’t want to skip!
  10. Check Your Chimney: if you used your fireplace this past winter, take a second and make sure your chimney flue is closed. This helps prevent cool air from escaping your home or letting the hot air in.
  11. Consider Having an Attic Fan Installed: attic fans help regulate the heat in your home and are a good way to save money.
  12. Keep the Cool Air on the Inside: cool air can seep out of your home through poorly insulated attics and improperly sealed windows. Do not waste money cooling the neighborhood, add insulation where needed and apply a fresh layer of caulk around your windows.
  13. Check Your Thermostat Placement: did you know, that the placement of your thermostat can play a major role on your utility bills? For example, if your thermostat is placed next to a hot window, your thermostat will think your home is warmer than it is and spend more energy running your AC unnecessarily.
  14. Don’t Skip Your Maintenance: annual maintenance is vital to ensure that your AC is running properly and efficiently. An inefficient AC Unit will burn through a lot of extra energy, increasing your monthly utility bills by quite a bit. Call us at (314) 720-3580 to schedule your Annual Maintenance and Safety Inspection today!

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